Steven M. Sipple: Frost confident in staff; learning to 'step on throats'; and Fred's plight – Lincoln Journal Star

Things I know, and things I think I know:

During an interview Friday with the Journal Star, Nebraska football coach Scott Frost didn’t explicitly say that he would bring back all his assistant coaches for next season, and I didn’t ask him about it directly.

I didn’t ask Frost directly because he three times referred to his confidence in his staff’s ability. In fact, he often refers to it. Bottom line, I’d be shocked if he fired anyone following this season even though the Huskers are 4-5 (2-4 Big Ten) with a rough road ahead.

I’ve known Frost since his days as a Husker quarterback in the mid-1990s. He obviously has extremely high regard for Tom Osborne and the way Osborne operated as NU’s head coach from 1973-97. During Osborne’s tenure, continuity on the coaching staff became a defining trait of the program.

Let’s be clear: It wasn’t like fans never called for the heads of Osborne’s assistants (or even for the head of Osborne himself). Ask former defensive coordinator Charlie McBride how he was treated at times by fans.

To this day, it still surprises me how quickly some Nebraska fans are willing to discard certain traits that made the program feel unique.

Frost holds tight to many of those traits.

At any rate, Frost’s crew of Nebraska assistants is the same group that helped orchestrate