Friday Flakes: Nebraska Football Strength and Conditioning Coach Zach Duval Goes on Sports Nightly – Corn Nation

Is it normal for the strength and conditioning coach to go on Sports Nightly? Did Mark Phillipp, Mike Riley’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, ever appear? I’m genuinely interested.

Regardless, it felt like a PR move for the new facilities as well as the state of the Nebraska football players regarding how bad it really got when they showed up.

Duval says he wants to post Performance Index results in the newspaper again, like they did back in the day.

— Christopher Heady (@heady_chris) November 8, 2019

Sure. Why not. I think they used to post the top performers. Why not also post the bottom performers. That would be quite the motivation. Obviously, make exceptions for injuries and the like.

Zach Duval on Sports Nightly says once they got to Nebraska in 2017 they checked data and the team was “trending in the wrong way.”

“You were increasing fat and decreasing muscle mass, and you want to do the opposite of that.”

— Christopher Heady (@heady_chris) November 8, 2019

Does anybody wonder if this was actually true? I wonder what Mark Phillipp would have to say about that comment. If it is true, then that says a lot and maybe makes sense.

Duval emphasizes Dave Ellis’ role as Nebraska’s director of performance nutrition.

“I’m the one who tears down the players,” Duval says. “Then Dave provides the fuel and calories to build them back up.”

— Steven M. Sipple (@HuskerExtraSip) November 8, 2019