Interrupting All Programs: Thoughts On The 2019 Football Season – Corn Nation

Allow me to (re) introduce myself, this is Jimmy Sheil wondering if Big Ten fans REALLY think Nebraska wouldn’t have been just as dominant if NU had joined the Big Ten in the 1960s?

I REALLY hate to clown them (and some carpet-bagging local media), but ever wonder what Nebraska’s record versus the Big Ten was as a Big 8/Big 12 member from the start of Bob Devaney in 1962 with a game at Michigan to a 2005 bowl game versus Michigan with Bill Callahan?


No, that is not a misprint. NU was 35-4 versus nine different Big Ten members from 1962-2005 with only one bad loss (2002 versus Penn State with Frank Solich). The other losses were by 1, 4, and 3 points.

A small sample, but the Cornhuskers were 3-1 versus the Big Ten in bowl games and 2-1 versus Michigan with no games in Lincoln. NU

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