LYONS: Spring game fashion trends to incorporate in upcoming football season – Daily Nebraskan

As University of Nebraska-Lincoln students, we all know football is a big deal. Football season is seen as the best time of the year, and we eagerly wait for it to start up again. Saturday’s spring game was no exception, with close to 86,000 people in attendance to watch the Huskers play each other as a preview for the upcoming season.

While many view this game as a way to see how well the Huskers will do in the fall, it can also predict upcoming fashion trends. The spring game is like fashion week –– the next clothing line is shown a season before it’s really meant to be worn, so people have enough time to go out and buy trendy items. Here are the trends we saw from Saturday’s game that will help us see what to wear in the fall.

1. Decorative denim

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