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There’s something about ESPN’s College GameDay coming to your city that spikes the intrigue a bit on Saturdays in the fall.

Everyone’s favorite pre-game show which Kirk Herbstreit once called “three hours of controlled chaos” has enlightened audiences for more than two decades, an early glimpse at the weekend’s big games with analysis and predictions for each.

It wouldn’t be college football season without GameDay and its presence is always welcomed. For a show that’s rarely scripted, there’s no set plan for locations every fall, something that adds to the excitement a bit, GameDay senior coordinating producer Lee Fitting once said.

GameDay rarely passes on an opportunity to broadcast from the weekend’s most sizable matchup and we’ve peeked at the 2019 slate hoping to determine where the traveling road show may set up shop next.

With next season’s schedule in mind, here’s where we think College GameDay will land each

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